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Corfu island in Greece (or Kerkyra) is the second largest Greek island in the Ionian Sea with an area exceeding 640 km².

It is one of the most beloved Greek islands and destinations in Greece and attracts thousands of tourists every year.

Corfu is a beautiful island with amazing beaches, picturesque villages and authentic, superb Venetian architecture, lively nightlife and a very cosmopolitan way of life.

The island is bordered to the east by the Ionian Sea to the west by the Adriatic Sea, to the north by the Mediterranean Sea and all this makes its unique climate. Its name comes from the Greek mythology, and in particular is tied with Poseidon, who baptized the island to his beloved Kerkyra .

The town of Corfu or Corfu Town is the capital of Corfu island and is one of the most elegant cities in Greece. It is the main port on the island and is the largest and most populated (about 30,000 inhabitants) city of the Ionian Islands.

Corfu Town has kept many of its elegant sightseeings: buildings, palaces, squares and fortresses with unique architecture throughout the centuries, influenced by Sicilian, Venetian, French and English possession.

It is divided into two parts: old and new city, like the old town (Palaiopoli) is located in the northern part between the Square Esplanada and the New castle (Neo Frurio).

Square Esplanada (Spianada) is the central square of Corfu town. Every summer, the Square welcomes cricket tournament, the only one in Greece, inherited from the British occupation. Square Esplanada is surrounded by magnificent buildings and the old Venetian castle (Pelayo Frurio).

Many interesting cultural monuments are located on the island of Corfu as Palace Ahilion, Palace Mon Repos, the palace of St. Michael and George, the monastery of Paleokastritsa, the church of "St. Spiridon", Kanoni - Pontikoni, the localities - Guviya, Kanoni, Dassia ...

The sandy beaches on the island of Corfu and its beautiful inlets and caves are famous throughout Greece for its crystal clear water and green vegetation. Many of the idyllic beaches, offering chairs and umbrellas for rent and water sports are with maximum preserved natural beauty: Paleokastritsa, Agios Georgios and Nissaki ...

Because of all the above, Corfu island is considered as one of the most elegant and beautiful islands in Greece.

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Corfu island in Greece

Corfu climate is composed of mild winters and not so hot summers.

The typical local products are the olive oil, olives, ouzo, mandolato, mandoles, a variety of cooked pork meat and the miniature oranges. The tree was imported from China many years ago and since then is thriving only in Corfu. You can find the fruit in many variations, as liqueur, marmalade, syrup and dry fruit. The local industry is based on the production of olive oil and especially in tourism
The symbol of Corfu is the ancient trireme, without a rudder, as the island had a large maritime power from the ancient times and the seamen were famous for their skills. Another well-known sightseeing of Corfu is also the Mouse Island (Pontikonissi), which is a small island in the shape of a mouse. Watch those videos to see the real beauty of the island: